Consignment Services

Flexible solutions, built to suit your business

Got your own, in-house purchasing team? We’ll working alongside them to make your PCBA project a success.

No two customers are ever the same, and Triode fulfils orders that are consigned, turn-key or a mix of both.

For customers with consigned orders, our expert Material Management team will conduct a full audit of supplied circuit board components to ensure final quality requirements are met.

We’ll also check the BOM to ensure it matches the consignment and verify part numbers and quantities. It’s all part of the service we provide to get our customers products to market efficiently.

We regularly work with proprietary circuit board components and high-value products. Our assembly facilities allow us to easily meet any special handling instructions for electronic components, such as baking or washing requirements.

Have you accounted for attrition?

No assembly process is perfect, so we recommend that you provide the following overages for ordering circuit board components:

Passive Devices: 2-5%
Active Devices: 1-3%
High Cost Devices: 1 extra or 1%

Looking for a consigned PCB assembly service?



Material Management Services

No matter the size of your business or the complexity of your PCB project, our world-class systems for component sourcing and inventory control mean we can help you meet international quality standards and production deadlines.


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