Protoypes & NPI Assembly

Low volume PCB Assembly

Successful prototype assembly often requires greater attention to detail than a production build.   Our dedicated NPI team works closely with the Project Manager and Customer throughout the entire process to ensure on time delivery.

Our stand alone prototype and low volume surface mount production line is configured for rapid production of small batches.  Utilising specially designed feeders for cut tape, components don't have to be supplied on reels.   Whether a complex double side SMT board or conventional through hole technology, Triode can, subject to material availability and capacity, produce between 1 off and 50 off in only a day or two.  Our team of skilled individuals have been known to complete prototype boards in less than eight hours from the time we receive the bare PCB's and components. 

Flexibility to do machine loading versus hand loading is also important, at times it may be easier, faster and more cost effective to partially hand load the project. This way the fine pitch devices and high component count parts are placed by machine and the remaining placed by hand with the aid of computer software loaded with the BOM, placement coordinates and orientations.

Just as you can get PCB's fabricated on a panel sharing service, we also perform stencil sharing.  Rather than paying full price for a stencil which you may only use once, we will only charge you according to the area required. This is just one of the ways we keep your development costs to a minimum.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Receiving manufacturability feedback post prototype production is crucial to ensure your products are suitable for volume manufacture; even better is pre-production feedback.  At Triode not only can we provide a detailed DFM report with recommendations to improve quality and reduce assembly costs once we have built your prototype, but we can also do free pre-manufacture reviews using only your BOM and Gerbers.  Ask us about our DFM reports the next time you are preparing for a prototype assembly.