Material Management

Material Management
Triode provides a turnkey approach to material management that includes all aspects of component procurement and inventory control.  Our close relationships with leading component distributors allow us to optimize your purchasing power to get the best value for every dollar you spend.
Consigned Kitted Order

Some of our customers have in-house purchasing & warehouse teams which prefer to supply some or all of the components for their build.

When your consigned kit is received by Triode it will undergo a thorough audit prior to being released to production.  We compare the BOM to the components and verify part numbers and quantities.  Should there be any discrepancies identified our team will contact you and provide some options.

If you are consigning a kit, have you accounted for attrition?  No assembly process is perfect so we recommend that you provide the following overages:

  • Passive Devices: 2-3%
  • Active Devices: 1%
  • High Cost Devices: 1 extra or 1%

Please let us know if there are any special handling considerations for your components such as baking requirements.

Turn-key PCB Assembly

Placing a turn-key order is not that different from a kitted order.  At the point of quote request just specify you would like Triode to supply the components and/or PCB.

Triode will buy the exact parts that you specify so please ensure a manufacturers or suppliers part number is included in your bill of materials.  If a part is not available or the lead time is longer than your requested lead time, the experienced staff at Triode will research possible crosses or substitute parts and then contact you for approval before placing the order.

We do not fabricate printed circuit boards internally.  However, we work very closely with local and offshore PCB suppliers to best serve our customers.

We select the best PCB fabricator for our customer's needs.  From 24 hour lead time, 1-20 layers, aluminium backing, flexible circuits, hard gold and multiple surface finishes

All of the PCB's we order undergo 100% electrical testing as a standard process.